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Support and Stress ... What Every Business Person Should Know

Posted on May 21, 2023 by Denver Mallick

Many folks have not had good types of positive, "healthy" relationships. Other folks haven't been taught the abilities for connecting. But still others, for personal reasons (predicated on negative past experience) elect to sabotage their relationships and the relationships of individuals around them. This happens in the home and at the job, and everywhere among.

People experiencing poor or non-existent healthy interaction with other folks can have problems with a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. These might include: depression, panic/anxiety, chronic back pain, poor sleep, stomach disorders, low libido, raised blood pressure, even cancer (because of loss of someone you care about or insufficient a way to obtain love.)

In primitive times, our fragile, but developing ancestors, had a need to band together for hunting and protection. In today's world, these primitive needs might seem somewhat removed for most people in a "civilized" world, but there's added pressure for connecting socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, romantically, and also financially. Many of us would wither in health insurance and standard of living without intimacy with other folks. We are in need of family, friends, teachers, and partners at the job. Remember our dependence on others is associated with reduced self-sufficiency and reliance on services and products that other folks produce.

Things fail inside our attempts to "connect." We usually do not feel "whole" whenever we don't have support. People get very stressed if they feel "alone." Our society appears to move us more into cubicles and isolation by reducing experience where interaction with other folks is face-to-face. E-mail, for instance, is recommended to calls or visits that may require social graces and non-business interaction.

Physical interaction, though desired, appears to be reduced by fears of inappropriate behaviors or actions. Our skills of communication decrease once we connect to computer screens, e-mails, and PDA's rather than people.

Stress management and wellness often requires us to lessen noise and interactions in order that we can concentrate on the procedure of internally quieting to regain degrees of calmness. But stress management and wellness additionally require that most folks have positive connection and interaction with caring people.

If you discover that is lacking or unsatisfied that you experienced, you might want to examine alternatives offering positive human interaction. Volunteering in your community might be a great way to obtain positive interaction. Among my friends visits weekly having an elderly person (not just a relative) to supply some balance and positive connection in his life. Both these people benefit from the short while they spend together. Church activities, coaching in youth sports, teaching reading in schools, community involvement, team sports, group activities (hiking, hobbies, fund raising) and several other activities can offer the opportunities for connecting with other folks.

The excuse lots of people use for not doing these activities is they don't have enough time or energy. You need to make enough time to connect and you may discover that energy involves you once you effectively connect in positive ways. Please make an effort to connect on your own and support other people who need this within their lives. Usually do not neglect your relationships with friends. These require encouragement, investments with time and energy, as well as your deep need to maintain these important interactions. Even though you are feeling wounded and desire to withdraw, I encourage one to attempt to connect to positive people and situations in your environment that offer you support and assist you to progress in probably the most positive ways.

Remember, you can't control just how other folks respond. It is possible to only control how you react to the experiences that you will find. In relationships, timing is quite importment. What could be good timing for you personally may not the optimum time for the partner. Make an effort to not have a perceived rejection of one's attempt at relating, too seriously. It could not be you at all, but poor timing. Never quit for the best situation for connection (and work to create every existing relationship better still.