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Posted on January 21, 2024 by Denver Mallick

The procedure of receiving orders and shipping and tracking goods sold through direct marketing is named fulfillment. Good sense shows that every company cannot produce or market products to match everyone, purpose and purse on the market place. People varies within their buying motives, in the features and benefits they seek from the product and within their buying habits. People surviving in different places can vary greatly within their buying of exactly the same product. In pricing too, consumers differ in what they could afford and what they wish to devote to specific product categories.

A mental report on the many 'popular' or more affordable brands versus the 'premium' or expensive brands of exactly the same product category would speak volumes about differing price expectations of consumers. Hence, to satisfy the necessity of a person, companies need to have a decision that whether to produce a product, which suits everybody, or even to make various products to match various customer groups or even to create a unique product for each customer. Although it is possible to check out the three approaches, the price and another marketing implications ensure it is a hard decision for the firms. Company must also decide whether he'll market his product to all or any users of the merchandise category or focus on several users who exhibit similar characteristics. Put simply, a company must decide whether he'll serve the complete market or perhaps a market segment.

Market segment is really a large, identifiable band of customers inside a market, showing a predictable pattern of behavior in buying situations, and in a position to be profitably reached through distribution and communication. In a few product categories, every customer could turn into a segment- interior decoration, jewelry, designer wear, and industrial equipment. In such cases, it really is both possible and viable to serve each customer with a unique product and a distinctive marketing mix. .